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CRM: More than just a box

Your customer is more than a name and a CRM system is much more than just a box of disks. Building a good CRM system means:

  1. Picking the right CRM consultant.
  2. Buying the right hardware and software.
  3. Configuring it to suit your business-model.
  4. Integrating it with your email, accounting, and other systems.
  5. Teaching your employees to use the software correctly.

This is where Publish or Perish comes in. We can design a system that will work FOR you! We will configure your CRM system to work with and share information with all your other programs (QuickBooks, Peachtree, Excel, Word, QuoteWerks, and many others). We will implement your system and get it up and running then train you to be in the driver's seat.

Services we provide include:

As award-winning CRM experts, we have been developing customized systems using GoldMine and related software since 1994. For more information please call us or use our Contact Form